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"TeleLink allowed us to upgrade and consolidate our mediation and reporting solutions in one system. TeleLink's report capabilities allow us to spot potential problems on the network more quickly. Additionally, the level of support we encountered at Equinox was a key factor in our decision to install TeleLink."
- Ryan Mitchell, Wide Open West

"Both TeleLink and Protector play a key role in the operations of our network. Our experience implementing TeleLink, coupled with the fact that Protector has saved carriers millions of dollars in fraud losses over the last twenty-five years, made Equinox the clear choice as our partner for fraud management."
- Carol Grover, OTT Communications

"Protector will allow us to better identify and respond to fraudulent activity on our network. The prospect of monitoring usage records in real time and having an integrated case management and investigation tool is very appealing."
- John Monday, FastTrack

"ETC serves the communities in which we live. ETC employees are involved in many local civic, church, and school activities. Equinox provided us with the same excellent support throughout the sales and installation process that we strive to give our own customers."
- Casey Loudermilk, Ellijay Telephone Company

"Depth of experience, attention to detail, and quality support are key reasons why HTC continues to work with Equinox on software development projects. Protector allows us to now take a proactive approach in fraud detection. With the many new features in TeleLink, HTC has even more sophisticated tools for managing our usage data and analyzing network traffic and cost."
- Jim Forbes, HTC (Horry Telecom Company)

"TeleLink is a valuable tool for us, as it allows us to mediate, enrich, and store usage data records so network activity can be analyzed in near real-time. TeleLink gives us critical access to our usage data for reporting and analysis."
- Roger Werth, Cincinnati Bell

"Access Point takes customer service very seriously. Deploying Protector is yet another proactive step in our quest to provide great customer service and help our customers reduce their telecom costs. The Protector system will allow us to better identify and respond to potential fraud incidents on our network, which ultimately helps us protect our customers from communications fraud."
- Greg Taylor, Access Point

"TeleLink is a flexible platform that offers us the ability to mediate, search and report on our usage data. We are continually growing our business and improving our processes, and TeleLink provides the critical function of mediating our raw DMS usage for billing."
- Mike Leedy, First Communications

"BVU Authority is keenly aware of how costly and time consuming it can be to get hit with fraud. We wanted to take a proactive approach in our fraud fighting efforts, and that prompted us to investigate automated fraud management solutions. Equinox's years of experience in this arena persuaded us to choose Protector as our fraud management solution."
- John Fredericks, BVU Authority

"Protecting our networks from unauthorized and fraudulent use is essential, and Equinox's depth of experience was a key factor in our selection process. We have already begun receiving a return on our investment, as Protector detected and alerted us to international fraud that we were able to shut down quickly with minimal losses."
- Allen McIntosh, Telepak Networks

"We had an urgent need to begin mediating ASN.1-formatted data and this required a great amount of technical expertise to develop. Our long-standing relationship with Equinox provided us with the history necessary to know they were the obvious choice that would assure us the job would get done right. Despite a very short timeline and complex requirements, they delivered exactly what we needed, and they did it ahead of schedule!"
- Ed King, Cellular One of East Central Illinois

"The Protector software safeguards the integrity of the network from hackers and other telco fraud criminals. We have implemented Protector software across our entire switched network to protect our customers and business partners from communications fraud."
- Rick Riordan, TelNet

"We selected Equinox software because of their proven ability to mediate usage data to multiple data targets. ACN has several different switches. TeleLink allows us to integrate all of our data into a consistent format in preparation for billing and other key operational functions."
- Frank Schaefer, ACN Inc.

"Based on my previous experience working with Equinox software, I knew Equinox could be trusted for custom software development. Armstrong is now in a position to perform sophisticated reporting and analysis on our call detail record (CDR) usage. As an example, we use TeleLink to match usage data from our network with EMI data supplied by our trading partners."
- Tom Wilson, Armstrong

"We are pleased with Equinox Information Systems' willingness to work with us to create the specific mediation and reporting tools that we need. In addition to billing facilitation, TeleLink will give us the ability to quickly identify and route non-customer roaming traffic and forward it to the Near Real-Time Roaming Data Exchange (NRTRDE)."
- Carey Stover, I WIRELESS

"It really is great working with you…your team made it a pleasure doing the dirty business of fraud control. I can tell you that your product has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and cut down on our headaches as well, and on a personal note, I couldn't be happier with the support you provided for the product…you guys certainly made my job with fraud detection and resolution better."
- Jonathan Dail, Broadview Networks

"We needed a software solution that could offer us better visibility into our call detail record (CDR) information. TeleLink and Collector help us mediate and convert all of our call record data into one standard data format which we can import into internal systems and export to third parties, such as the NRTRDE."
- Kevin Marshall, MTPCS

"We have used TeleLink's reporting functionality for several years, and it plays an important role in our back-office operations. In addition to the new query tools and enhanced reporting available with the upgrade, we are now using TeleLink to mediate call data from all of our switches and off-network partners to our billing system, as well as generate reports based on operational measurements (OMs)."
- Russell Clarkson, Americatel

"Based on our success with Equinox mediation software, it was only natural to turn to Equinox to help us address this need. Once again we were impressed with their ability to quickly deploy an effective solution."
- Brett Cameron, Cavalier

By properly managing usage and call record data, SNiP can minimize operational costs and pass these savings along to our customers. Equinox provided us with a smooth installation and excellent customer support. We could not be happier with our new mediation solution."
- Joseph Giacomelli, SNiP

"For years, Onvoy has relied on Equinox software for mediation and network management. Our decision to upgrade to TeleLink 5 with Network Reporting allows Onvoy to leverage the latest network management features and efficiencies available in TeleLink software. These additional capabilities will allow Onvoy Voice Services to quickly integrate additional acquisitions and expand into new markets."
- John Hanna, Onvoy Voice Services

"Equinox Information Systems is known as a leader in the communications industry for fraud management and mitigation. After experiencing a minor fraud event, we knew we could count on Equinox to provide a proven solution to mitigate against any further losses. By deploying Protector, Telekenex now has a proven system that protects our customers, shareholders, and employees from the financial pitfalls of communications fraud."
- Bob Finley, Telekenex

"After reviewing our software infrastructure options, it became clear that no other telecom software vendor could match Equinox Information Systems in terms of providing a comprehensive solution at a reasonable price point. In addition, Equinox's willingness to customize their software to meet our precise needs was another key factor in the decision-making process."
- George Cisler, ANI Networks

"After a positive experience using Collector Deluxe for a few years, we decided to upgrade to TeleLink to accommodate the growth of our company and network. TeleLink plays a key role in our day-to-day operations as we rely on the software to process over 20 million call records per day."
- David Vernon, Cavalier Telephone

"Equinox is a well-recognized software development firm in the communications industry. The initial results from installing TeleLink are excellent with simplified billing processes and improved overall efficiency. We look forward to collaborating with Equinox on future software projects."
- Michael Lively, TeleBarbados

"Equinox offered ANPI the most compelling and complete solution for managing usage records and monitoring potential fraud activity on the switch. By facilitating the automation of mediation and fraud control processes and giving us real-time visibility into our network traffic, Protector saves ANPI both time and money."
- Jet Thomas, ANPI

"Our objective was to identify an advanced telecom software provider with the ability to deliver a total solution to our expansion requirements in a cost-effective manner. After evaluating multiple software vendors, we chose Equinox Information Systems because their technology meets those needs, and integrates extremely well with our Sonus’ NGN platform."
- Terence Burgess, TeleBermuda

"By managing usage data efficiently, Cellular One NEPA can offer first-class customer service and maintain the lowest possible rates to its valued customers. Between TeleLink and Collector, we have taken a tremendous leap forward in terms of simplifying our billing processes and improving overall efficiency."
- Jamie Davis, Cellular One NEPA

"ShowCDR is a great software application that can be used by several departments in our organization. From fraud control to customer service, ShowCDR custom reporting allows us to better analyze usage records and proactively manage our network."
- Brad Medinger, Direct Communications

"We needed to manage usage records from our Siemens EWSD, MetaSwitch, and Tekelec switches, as well as usage from Global Crossing, Verizon, and MCI. Equinox software integrates with all of these to provide us with a real-time dashboard of our worldwide usage traffic."
- Brandon Peyton, Sovernet Communications

"Because TelAlaska is committed to leveraging the latest software technology, we turned to Equinox Information Systems. TeleLink will serve as the backbone of several operational processes important to our business. Both TeleLink and Manager will help us improve operational efficiencies and reduce overall costs. Equinox’s willingness to add a custom component for our RedCom switches was also important to our decision."
- Shelly Woodward, TelAlaska

"Compatible with our CDMA network, these three software apps give Inland Cellular the ability to automate several facets of our operations, which will help keep costs and prices low for our customers. Ease of implementation, solid support, and seamless compatibility with our billing vendor were critical, and Equinox has given us all three."
- Mike Bly, Inland Cellular

"Taqua’s strategy is to focus on further enhancing the T7000 and its industry leading switch replacement capabilities, while also working to integrate and offer complimentary best in class solutions to further support our customers. The addition of Equinox to our portfolio allows us to provide our prospects and customer’s with an end-to-end central office replacement solution that is difficult to match."
- Scott Weidenfeller, Taqua

"Microtech-Tel concluded that ExtractCDR was the best option because its open software architecture allows for customization to fit our switched network environment. Equinox has a good track record of developing custom software solutions for communications companies and that was also an important factor our decision."
- Dennis Cox, Microtech-Tel

"Telco fraud is a key issue for Matrix Telecom to address as we grow our business. Because Matrix Telecom is dedicated to minimizing telecom fraud and protecting our customers, we have elected to install Protector 10 on our network."
Todd Murcer, Matrix Telecom

"Using one system throughout the company gives our experienced and knowledgeable Fraud team a powerful tool to save our customers from unnecessary and costly fraudulent activity."
- Jim Hvisdas, PAETEC

"Our goal was to identify a company that could deliver a total software solution to our multiple needs in a reliable, cost-effective fashion. After evaluating several software vendors, we concluded that Equinox Information Systems was uniquely positioned to provide us with telecom software to interface with our Siemens EWSD switch as well as a migration path to future next generation switching."
- John Summersett, Great Lakes Comnet, Inc.

"After researching various mediation systems, we concluded that Collector AFT/EIU was the best fit for us given the software's flexibility and features."
- Colleen Forman, Thumb Cellular

"Collector AFT/EIU offers great value when compared to the price of building a custom software system to download usage records in real-time via a high-speed Ethernet Interface Unit. In addition to a great price, Collector AFT/EIU comes with advanced features, such as e-mail alarm notification, to ensure the quality of usage data transfers."
- Ron Cenicola, Marshall Islands National Telecommunications Authority

"Our newly launched VoIP360 product is designed to enable cable operators, ISP’s, CLEC’s, wireless broadband and other service providers to quickly and cost effectively enter the VoIP market and provide IP-based voice services to their residential and business subscribers. Because we’re moving quickly, it’s important that we have reliable software application that will enable us to efficiently manage usage data, so we can do our best in providing first-class customer service, while delivering low rates to our valued customers."
- Mary Gail Sullivan, 360networks

"Equinox is a trusted partner for software development because of their vast experience in telecom data processing and software development. TeleComp will play a key role in allowing us to make better business decisions related to our operations involving pay phones. We look forward to working with Equinox again on future software application projects."
- Mark Jordan, TCAST Communications

"Equinox’s reputation in the communications industry was a key factor in the decision-making process. Between these two software applications, Cellular One has greatly advanced in terms of simplifying our billing processes and improving overall efficiency."
- Ryan Shepherd, Cellular One

"Equinox is a trusted partner for software development in the communications industry. The early results from installing TeleLink are outstanding: simplified billing processes and improved overall efficiency. We look forward to collaborating with Equinox on future software development projects."
- Mike Yoder, Onvoy

"Equinox Information Systems offered Xchange Telecom the most compelling solution to address our operational support challenges. By integrating the mediation and billing processes over both a traditional and VoIP network, Equinox software provides access to a real-time dashboard that gives us visibility into the quality and profitability of our domestic and international call traffic."
- Bob Charish, Xchange Telecom

"Sirius considered other commercial software application as well as the option to develop a custom application internally. We determined that ExtractCDR was the best option given the software’s price point and native ability to integrate with our Veraz Networks’ Softswitch platform."
- Dan Maxwell, Sirius

"Sierra Tel has had excellent results with Collector, an Equinox software application that we installed on our Nortel DMS 100/200 switch last year. We view ShowCDR as a complementary software application, and we are particularly excited about its ability to generate custom reports on demand."
- Norma Burnett, Sierra Tel Communications Group

"After a positive experience mediating call data from a cellular switch with Equinox software, it was only natural for GTA to turn to Equinox again for assistance with mediating usage data from our Nortel DMS 250 switch. We are particularly excited about TeleLink’s ability to automatically convert our raw switch data to a billing-friendly EMI data format."
- Frank Lujan, GTA TeleGuam

"For the past several years, NTS has been running Equinox software across our Alcatel/Lucent multi-switch network. Based on our positive experience with Equinox software, it was only natural that we returned to Equinox to upgrade our software systems to take advantage of the latest network management features and efficiencies."
- Gary Sams, NTS Communications

"Comporium selected ExtractCDR because of its ability to format Nortel switch data in an efficient fashion. Equinox has a long track record of providing quality software for communications companies. That was a major factor in the decision to work with Equinox."
- Lelane Luttrell, Comporium

"Cleartel Communications faced a data integration challenge because of the inconsistencies between the native data formats of usage records from Nortel and Siemens switches. The Equinox mediation platform allows us to download usage records in real-time and format the data so that everything is consistent."
- Scott Gilbert, Cleartel

"We anticipate that these Equinox software applications will help us manage our extensive network of IP gateways, international gateways, and domestic Nortel (DMS GSP) and Sonus switches in an efficient and cost-effective fashion. Our team is excited about implementing these advanced software applications for network and usage data management. By managing call data efficiently, we can offer excellent customer service and maintain the lowest possible rates to our valued customers."
- Gustavo Pereira, Startec

"After evaluating several mediation systems, we selected Collector AFT/EIU because of its price point, speed, and flexibility. Collector AFT/EIU’s processing speed is a huge plus, and the flexibility of the software to integrate with our Nortel switch via an Ethernet connection made investing in Equinox software an easy decision."
- Matt Faulkner, Sierra Tel Communications Group

"For voice and data, CTC demands especially stringent security safeguards in our IP+ATM packet network. Network and data integrity are extremely high on our agenda. We chose Protector 10 because it meets the high quality standard we require of fraud prevention resources."
- John Bouthiette, CTC Communications

"The Equinox mediation platform will save Nex-Tech Wireless a tremendous amount of employee time and money. The ability to automatically convert usage data from the switch to EMI and CIBER data formats means we can perform billing and customer service processes in a faster and more error-free fashion."
- Jeff Dear, Nex-Tech Wireless

"Dial-Around Telecom considered several telecom fraud management systems, and we determined that Protector 10 was the best option given the software’s ability to integrate with our Veraz Networks’ Softswitch. Our team was particularly impressed with Protector’s Automated Response, a feature that allows us to automatically disable compromised billing entities directly in the switch platform."
- Kenan Masic, Dial-Around Telecom

"We selected the Protector 10 fraud management system to reduce the costs associated with telecom fraud. Equinox has a well-documented history of leadership in the telecommunications industry for fraud control, and we are confident that Protector 10 will successfully limit our customers' exposure to fraud."
- Shane Bouslough, Eureka Networks

"Equinox Information Systems offered us the most compelling solution on the market today that will provide us with a competitive edge and help DiscoveryTel reduce operating costs and capital expenditures. By facilitating the integration of mediation and billing processes and giving us real-time visibility into our international call traffic, these software applications promise to saves us both time and money."
- Anthony D Autorino, DiscoveryTel

"Our objective was to identify a software company that could be a long-term partner. Equinox’s track record in the industry speaks volumes about the quality of their software and customer support. I am confident that Equinox’s software applications will enable Golden State Cellular to take a giant leap forward in terms of simplifying our billing processes and improving overall efficiency."
- Danny Rule, Golden State Cellular

"After a thorough evaluation, we elected to implement both Collector Deluxe and ExtractCDR so we can quickly move CDRs off of our switches to our billing system. These applications play an important role in allowing Cavalier to bill our customers in a timely and accurate manner."
- David Vernon, Cavalier Telephone

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