Stop Fraud Before It Starts

Globally, telecom fraud costs companies up to $80 billion every year. Just one incident of fraudulent international calls can inflict a $50,000 hit on your bottom line.

Without a sophisticated fraud management system, youíre highly vulnerable. If you maintain your own manual processes, they may be extremely labor-intensive ó and lacking the automated operations that will help you detect fraud quickly.

Protector gives you a powerful solution. The system is built with automated operations that help you detect fraud quickly. Itís also built upon years of experience and enhancements, so you gain the benefit of our work with a consortium of similarly situated companies.

With Protector, you have the tools to stop fraud in progress, investigate and resolve cases quickly, and, most importantly, enjoy rapid and significant return on investment.

The Ultimate in Fraud Protection

Protector, the most installed fraud management system in the U.S, is a comprehensive, scalable solution now in its 10th generation. The system, which we can tailor to your needs, gives you access to a suite of powerful tools that enable you to:

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