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TelAlaska Licenses TeleLink & Manager Software from Equinox

Nashville, TN - June 10, 2008 - Nashville-based Equinox Information Systems today announced that TelAlaska, a full-service telecommunications provider in Alaska, has licensed two software applications: TeleLink and Manager. TeleLink and Manager integrate with almost all switch types including Lucent 5ESS, RedCom, and Nortel DMS 10 switches, which are the primary switches deployed in the TelAlaska communications network.

"Because TelAlaska is committed to leveraging the latest software technology, we turned to Equinox Information Systems," said Shelley Woodward, Revenue Accounting manager for TelAlaska. "TeleLink will serve as the backbone of several operational processes important to our business. Both TeleLink and Manager will help us improve operational efficiencies and reduce overall costs. Equinox's willingness to add a custom component for our RedCom switches was also important to our decision."

TeleLink facilitates the delivery of usage records by filtering and converting data to the appropriate formats for operational support systems (OSS), such as billing and network traffic analysis. TeleLink often replaces previously time-consuming manual processes with an automated process that is not only much faster, but also better ensures the integrity of usage data as it travels across a network. Manager monitors network performance and activity in detail by analyzing usage data.

"We are delighted that TelAlaska has selected TeleLink and Manager to process and monitor its network usage records. Equinox looks forward to continuing a long customer relationship with TelAlaska," commented David West, Equinox Executive Vice President.

About TelAlaska
TelAlaska is a statewide, full-service telecommunications provider whose roots were established in rural Alaska nearly 40 years ago. The company provides local and long distance telephone service; advanced data services; dial-up, DSL, and cable modem Internet service; cable television; and wireless Internet services. Headquartered in Anchorage, TelAlaska companies also have customer service and operations sites in Unalaska/Dutch Harbor, Seward, and Nome and agents in more than a dozen other rural communities. For more information, visit www.telalaska.com.

About Equinox

Since 1986, Equinox has helped telecom customers around the globe protect and optimize revenue. The company offers a full range of business assurance solutions that address profitability and network efficiency issues, including data mediation, fraud management, revenue/expense management, routing assurance, usage analytics, network analysis, and custom application development. Equinox is an established solutions provider for the wireless sector with experience in: wireless data verification; cell site traffic analysis; mobile traffic reporting; external/carrier bill validation; roaming usage verification and audit; and subscriber market analysis. For more information, visit www.equinoxis.com.