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Equinox Heads to New York for IDI Billing/BSS Event

IDI Billing Solutions Hosts 16th Annual User Group

(NASHVILLE, TN) September 22, 2017—Equinox Information Systems, a telecom leader in the business assurance solutions market, announced today that they will attend and participate in IDI Billing Solutions’ annual user conference next month. IDI Billing Solutions who leads the way in supplying billing and operational support systems to the communications industry is hosting this year’s meeting at the Strathallan Hotel & Spa in Rochester, NY, on October 3, 2017.

Derrick Van Grol, Vice President, Global Sales at IDI, who also attends Equinox’s Protector User Group Meeting, explained the situation by saying, “IDI’s affiliation with Equinox is an important one for everyone involved. Not only do both companies gain efficiency and decreased project timelines by working together on the behind-the-scenes components, but service providers also significantly benefit from a total end-to-end system that costs less to implement and maintain. It’s a win-win-win!”

The interoperability between the two companies’ solutions is no accident. Equinox Information Systems and IDI Billing have had a successful business partnership dating back over two decades. IDI provides billing and order management software to service providers around the world. Their Billing as a Service℠ includes the award-winning CostGuard® application. IDI accepts either raw or mediated records from service providers, which it uses to streamline customer billing and selling operations for those service providers. Equinox supplies mediation, fraud management, and usage analytics solutions to telecom carriers in the form of TeleLink and Protector. Both solutions process a billion usage records every day and support over 300 different record formats. By design, Equinox’s TeleLink application outputs data already in IDI’s format and the Protector application accepts billing information from IDI, making for a seamless integration with IDI’s solutions. This teamed approach is good news for carriers looking for a total solution, saving everyone involved time and money during the project.

“Equinox and IDI have had a very successful, long-standing business relationship,” commented Equinox’s Sales Engineer, Matt Lowe. “The folks at IDI are not only great business partners but they’re also our friends, which is just one of many reasons I’m thrilled to attend IDI’s annual user conference next month.”

About IDI Billing Solutions

IDI Billing Solutions is a leading provider of Billing and OSS for the communications industry. IDI’s Billing as a Service℠ includes the award-winning CostGuard® application, expert back-office and professional services, and a highly secure cloud-hosted platform. IDI’s Billing as a Service gives communication providers the tools to quickly monetize their services and automate operations related to selling, activating, and billing customers. IDI maintains multiple Gold Competencies in the Microsoft Partner Program. To learn more about IDI, please visit www.idibilling.com or call 1.888.924.4110.

About Equinox Information Systems

Since 1986, Nashville-based Equinox Information Systems has helped customers in the global telecommunication industry address profitability and network efficiency issues. TeleLink makes usage data actionable by mediating, enriching, and summarizing data from the raw files it collects. TeleLink stores this data for reporting and in-depth analysis, while also transforming it for delivery to downstream operational and business support systems. Protector is an automated fraud management system that monitors call and data usage records for real-time fraud detection, which includes immediate notification of suspicious events, case investigation tools, and the ability to shut down unwanted activity at the switch. The two solutions currently process a billion usage records every day for customers across all segments of the telecom industry. To learn more, go to www.equinoxis.com.