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Equinox Helps Pioneer Fight Telephone Fraud

Fraud software makes telephone cooperative more competitive

NASHVILLE, TN - March 30, 2000 - Oklahoma-based Pioneer Long Distance, a subsidiary of Pioneer Telephone Cooperative Inc., has invested in fraud management software from Equinox Information Systems to enhance its telephone fraud security as it expands product and service offerings to subscribers in 30 Oklahoma counties. The software suite includes Protector Deluxe, one of the industry's most widely used telecom fraud management systems; ShowCDR Deluxe, a sophisticated call record search utility system; and Collector, a real-time call record collection system. The new software will enable Pioneer to deliver advanced services at a competitive rate to its growing customer base.

"Through the continued use of technology, Pioneer has been able to continue a long-standing tradition of providing the best connections and services for Oklahoma residents," said Ralph Kooken, Division Manager, Pioneer Long Distance and Pioneer Internet. "The Equinox suite is the key component in our strategic plan to continue expanding our role as a complete communications service provider."

"Progressive carriers like Pioneer want affordable technological solutions that provide them with a strong competitive edge as they enhance their product offerings," explained Scot Rand who is responsible for North American Business Development for Equinox. "With Equinox, Pioneer will have long-term, cost-efficient fraud protection and other network solutions that will scale to match their growth strategy and business goals."

Protector Deluxe utilizes rules-based technology to distinguish fraud from honest usage and quickly alerts carriers of any suspect traffic. A new case management tool provides multiple users a real-time desktop for analyzing and filtering threshold violations and system messages. Collector X.25 and ShowCDR Deluxe enhance Protector's capabilities by providing access to call detail information for monitoring and giving users the ability to research potential fraud in real-time.

Since September 1994, Pioneer Long Distance has provided residential and business subscribers a local competitive choice for their long distance calling, while offering them the ability to keep their long distance dollars in their own community. Pioneer Long Distance is dedicated to bringing Cooperative members a local choice for both residential and business long distance service. Visit Pioneer Long Distance at www.pld.net.

About Equinox
Equinox is one of the world's leading developers of software solutions for the telecommunications industry and widely recognized for its full range of telecom software applications backed by exceptional customer support. In addition to custom development, the company currently offers solutions in areas critical to profitability and network efficiency, including mediation, fraud management, CDR and switch administration, and network analysis. For more information, visit Equinox at www.equinoxis.com.