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CDR Collection

Call detail records are the primary data source for many operations support systems (OSSs), including fraud detection, billing, traffic analysis, and CABS reconciliation. Before you can use usage records for these purposes, you must first collect them. Our Collector utility establishes connectivity with the switch and collects usage records as they are created. It moves records in real time or batch mode to a network location, where they can be used by other applications, including our TeleLink and Protector solutions.

Collector-Robust, reliable record collection

Our Collector utility allows you to:

  • Deliver usage records in real-time from multiple network points.
  • Support multiple switch types using standard protocols such as X.25, TCP/IP, and FTP.
  • Ensure data integrity by way of its built-in verification function, detailed process auditing, and network delivery confirmation.
  • View real-time status information for each Collector link, record transfer, and generated alert.
  • Forward collected files across LAN.